Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Another trip to Cali!

First of all, I just need to talk about our camera. I wanted a small camera for my purse for when we go places because our nice Nikon is way too big to lug around. We bought a small camera a few weeks ago and used it at the rodeo that we went to. I didn't like the blurry pictures, so we took it back and bought a different one that was supposed to be better. We used it for a lot of this vacation and when I looked at the pictures, I was disappointed. A lot of them came out blurry, so I've decided that it is worth it to lug around our big camera and get great pictures. I guess I've just been spoiled with our nice camera so no other camera will do. So, sorry for some of the blurry pics. The ones at the BBQ and Jelly Belly factory were taken with our nice camera. You can definitely tell the difference.

Now, onto our vacation. The first half of it was actually a bit of a nightmare. When we drove to California, we were making great time until we got to the Sierras. We had stop and go traffic for about an hour and a half, and when I've already been in the car for 10 hours, an extra hour and a half is something that makes me so anxious to get out of the car. We finally did get there and that night and every other night were were there, someone was throwing up with the stomach flu. I don't understand why every time we get together with my family we always get sick. Out of 14 of us in that house, 10 of us got it. We were so lucky that Hannah didn't get it, but Scott and I both got it. On the days that Scott and I weren't sick, though, we had a great time. My sisters Jennifer and Hollie and their kids were also there visiting. Here are some pictures:
We went to the Jelly Belly factory while we were there to take a tour. The line was gargantuan, but it was a fun experience and it was free!
Hannah, Scott, Hailey, Kaden, Dallin, and Kamrie with Mr. Jelly Belly

My nephews Kaden and Dallin with Hannah in the car.

Hannah and my niece, Sienna. Hannah loves Si Si.
We had a BBQ on Saturday night at my mom's house with my cousins and aunts and uncles. The above picture is my cousin with his two beautiful girls.

We had a chocolate fountain at the BBQ and Hannah got it all over herself.

We also had a bounce house at the BBQ, which the kids loved.

My niece, Ella, loved the chocolate fountain too. She looks so cute:)

Hannah trying to feed me her chocolate fingers

Saturday morning we went to Someplace Fun with my dad and step mom. Here is Hannah getting her hair done, which ended up falling out within the first hour.
This place had a lot of bounce houses and slides, a carousel, video games, basketball courts, etc. I found myself feeling like a kid again as I was racing Scott through a bounce house maze and spinning in a tea cup until I almost barfed with my niece, Kamrie. I even got a few battle wounds.

Grandma Price and Hannah on the carousel above and Hannah with daddy on the carousel below. I think this was her favorite thing to do there.

Above is Hannah on the huge slide by herself. She told me that she wanted to go by herself and we were afraid that she would be scared, but she actually LOVED it.

Hannah with me on the slide

Hannah with Si Si and Ella on the little fire truck

And of course, there was lots and lots of swimming and water fun at my mom's house. Hannah loved this slip-n-slide.

We ended off the trip with a family home evening around the fire pit while roasting marshmallows. We were sad to go home yesterday, but are happy to get back into our normal routines.

Hannah misses everyone. Seriously, I don't know how many times she's said all of your names today. I have to keep reminding her that we are not going to see you all again for awhile:(


Cori said...

cali again? I'm jealous. I'm going to hide in your trunk the next time you go. You don't mind a stowaway right?

Anonymous said...

Maran, we miss you guys too, especially our little Hannah. Still doing lots of swimming and hanging around. The kids fed the ducks yesterday and then we had root beer floats. Love ya Mom

Anonymous said...

Oh, I wanted to say that I am amazed at the courage of that tiny little girl going downt that huge slide!! She must be very secure.:) Mom

RachelBarker said...

Missed you. Mabe next time. Are you coming to Maren's wedding in August? If you care to know what I think... YOU SHOULD! :)

Jen said...

Ella kept asking, "Where Hannah go?" "Where's unca Scott?" It was fun seeing you guys,--sorry for the stomach flu :)
When I was scrolling through the pictures, Ella was excited to see everyone until she got to the chocolate picture of herself. I said, "Look, there you are." She covered her mouth and nose and hid her head in shame. I asked, "What's wrong?"
"I no like that." I think she was embarassed about her chocolate face. (Hopefully not about her chunkiness, because she does look extra chunk in that picture.) Funny girl :)