Friday, July 25, 2008

Fun Friday

I had to post two videos this week because there are just too many good clips to choose from. Enjoy!

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Marc and Stacy said...

SOOOO many memories to choose from.
*First of all...DITTO everything you said on mine. Especially the cricket chirping. No one else will ever get that the way you do.
*I could start from Mrs. Burnham's had gorgeous model hair and I had ugly hair according to Candace Poteet...
*"I Like Big Butts..."
*Helping each other through virtually every stupid boy we ever dated. Glad we found our not stupid, eternal boys!
*Okay, I feel horrible that I started laughing as soon as this memory came to mind...but remember when we used to go running during the summer term up in Idaho, and we were running over to the track, and that one really nice guy (I think his name was Adam), came running across the street to run with us, and he tripped and totally scraped the HECK out of his legs...and he felt SO embarrassed...and then still went running with us, even though you could tell he was in so much pain...with all the blood and rocks gauged in his flesh. Sad day...he was really nice. I'm such a jerk for laughing...Maran...stop laughing. K, is a little funny.
*Wearing stupid shoes everywhere we went and limping the whole time because we both had numerous blisters on our feet. But hey, we looked good.
*Frozen yogurt Friday's at the Hogi Yogi. (I think that only happened like twice...)
*Being in each others weddings and seeing us both marry our sweethearts after seeing each other through all the relationships, and finally finding that one thing we'd been searching for!!!
What time in my life DOESN'T have a memory of you in it? I love you!