Monday, June 02, 2008

I Need Some More Advice

Well, as most of you know, sometimes I like to ask for advice in my blogs, and this will be one of those blogs. The first thing that I would like to ask advice on is how to get young children to share with each other. We babysit this little girl twice a week. She and Hannah usually get along great. They are both good little girls but they often have trouble sharing with each other. They always want what the other one has and it gets frustrating because one will start to cry if they can't have it. I try to teach them to share and not take things out of the other one's hand without asking but they just don't seem to get it. Are they too young to know how to share yet? If not, how do I get them to learn it? They are usually pretty cute together, though. This is Kelly tickling Hannah and the one below is them holding hands.They are only a day apart and Kelly is a good 2 or 3 inches taller than Hannah. Hannah is a shrimp and she loves to give that close-eyed smile when I tell her to smile.
Ok, one more question for you all. This morning Hannah woke up to all of these red splotches on her body. They are on her arms, around her belly button, and on her legs. She had that horrible rash around her mouth about 7 months ago and now she's got these. Is this eczema? Anyone know? She is seeing the dermatologist on Thursday again, but I just wanted to ask you all ahead of time in case it was something more serious that needed to be treated right away. Tonight, those big ones on her arms were looking like rings and seemed to be going away but then they got redder after her bath. Hopefully they go away soon.


leslie jo said...

Hmm the rashes I guess if they aren't gettin worse then I wouldn't worry to much. Eczema could be it, but I dunno. Is it painful for her?
As far as the sharing... she is kinda young to play with kids and no to share, but she is soo smart I bet she knows. I learned from a nanny show that before the friend comes over let Hannah pick out 1 special toy that is hers and she doesn't have to share it. Then let her help you hide it away so she knows where to ask for it when the friend is gone. It might help?
But really at her age it is more parallel play then perpendicular the daycare people always said to me. They play well by each other just not with each other. GOOD LUCK she still is a cutie!!

Price family said...

Well, I am not too sure about the rash.It doesn't look like Eczema to me.Did she eat something different, that maybe she is having a reaction too?

As for the sharing thing, she is still young.I would just monitor the girls and when they take something from the other tell them ,"thats not nice,sharing is nice,if we don't share we can't play together", and if they are both fighting over the same toy, I would just take the toy away.Let them know there are consequence to their actions.

Aww, the joys of motherhood, sometimes I feel more like a referee around here!HAHAH

Marc and Stacy said...

I'm dealing with the sharing thing too...trying to teach Montana. I think its hard, but just like everything else, repetition. One day I'm hoping she just gets it! :)
I'm sorry about hannah's rash! Poor baby.

Hollie said...

I love the cheesy smile! As far as the sharing, it's just an age thing. I remember learning in school that children have to first learn ownership of things before they can learn to share their things. Just keep reinforcing it and being a good example by saying out loud, "Look I'm sharing with so and so and it makes both of us happy." She'll eventually get it. (Although it might be 18 years by then-it's still a concept for my kids to learn sometimes.)
As far as the rash, ditto to what everyone else said. It looks like eczema but if it's not taking over her body and she doesn't have any other symptoms, just wait until the doctor sees her tomorrow. There's my advice since I'm all-knowing ;).

kerrie said...

Sharing....hmmm, not sure how to help you there since I'm still working on that one with Allie. But it definitely is an age thing. Allie is getting so much better at it. One thing I've learned is that "taking turns" works better than them playing with one toy together (or sharing the toy). They are probably still too young for that though. So, like everyone else has said, just keep reinforcing it and soon they will begin to understand.

As for the rash, I'm so sorry little Hannah keeps getting these mean skin problems. I wish I had an answer for you. Did you use different detergent? I hope the dermatologist can help you tomorrow.

Wendi said...

That's so weird about Hannah's rash. Glad you were able to see the doctor. Maybe she's developing an allergy to something she's already accustomed to? I don't know.

We used to watch Kelly too. She's a cute girl, but it was the same thing- her and Tyler never shared. Whenever they were fighting over something I would just take it away completely. Not saying that you should do this, just that this is what I used to do with them. Two screaming kids gets really old pretty quick. Good luck!