Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!!

Happy Father's Day to all 4 of our dads! Yes, we have a lot of dads but we love them all and are grateful for every one of them. Each one has awesome qualities and they are all wonderful grandpas to Hannah. Here are just a few of some of their awesome qualities:

My Dad:
1. Very strong in our church
2. Wants everyone to be happy/caring
3. Hard working

Scott's Dad:
1. Funny
2. So giving
3. Easy going

My step-dad:
1. Plays with all of his grandkids for hours
2. Good listener
3. Nonjudgmental/ seems to love everyone unconditionally

Scott's step-dad:
1. Awesome cook
2. Constantly serving people
3. Great handyman

This is not to say that you guys don't have some of the same qualities as each other, but I didn't want to put the same thing on your lists. I hope that you all had a wonderful Father's Day!!

Scott's grandpa and dad are shown above with Scott and Hannah.
The picture below is of my dad and all of his 5 children. We love you both, dads!

Onto my own husband...I already did a blog talking about how wonderful he is so I will spare you all today from that gargantuan list and just tell you that I am grateful for what a good father he is to Hannah. Here are a couple of pictures from today:

Hannah colored for Scott in the above picture.

Last night I asked Scott what he wanted for dinner tonight and here was what was on the menu:
1. Chicken Fajita wraps with a yummy dipping sauce (a copycat recipe from Applebees)
2. French Fries
3. Chocolate Banana milkshake

And for dessert, I will be eating some blueberry cheesecake ice cream by Meadow Gold, which is currently my favorite ice cream. Seriously, if you like cheesecake or the Cheesecake Fantasy ice cream from Cold Stone, you are going to love this ice cream....mmmmm....mmmmm! It even has little chunks of real cheesecake in it...ooohhh, my mouth is watering just thinking about it.

As a present to Scott for Father's Day, Hannah counted to 10 all by herself today for the first time ever. She did it twice, and we kept trying to get her to do it again but she got her numbers out of order. I was so surprised because I didn't know that she could do that yet. Scott just told her to count to 10 and she busted it out without any help. What a smarty!!

** is Monday and I thought I would try to get Hannah on video counting. So, here's a video. She skips the number 9 and puts a 6 after 3, but then she redeems herself after the 3. Yesterday she did it perfect, though. Either way, I had no idea that she could count that high.

And finally, here is a Father's Day present to you all. Even if you don't like The Office, you might still find this video funny, but a titch racist. Seriously, I love Steve Carell.


Donna said...

Maran that was a really nice blog. Good pictures of the Dads and I love the one of the four generations of Spragues. I can see a resemblance of Scott to his grandpa.
Hannah's art work is so cute. Looks like Scott had a nice Father's Day and he deserves it. He is such a loving Daddy to Hannah. And what an awesome gift Hannah gave to him. I am so glad you got it on video.What a smart little cookie! Her hair is getting long. Thanks for posting. And Yes, I giggled at the Office clip.

Jen said...

I like the pictures of the dad's altogether too. (However I don't love that family picture of me-- can you say roots? and post baby body? Not that it's much better now.) Anyways, we have been blessed with a great dad and a great step dad. Scott's an awesome daddy too.
Hannah is soo smart- I can't wait to see her, she has grown up so much since December.
And that office skit is hilarious.

Cori said...

Loved all the stuff about Dad's and amen on the King's thing. Can I say duh. I remember watching that game, we were furious. Tashi's old boyfriend Noah (do you remember him?) was totally crying!

Rich and Crys said...

Ohhhhh my gosh! I am dying laughing at the office clip! Can't wait to show Rich. And the video of Hannah counting is soooo cute! What a smarty-pants!