Tuesday, March 04, 2008

What a Week!

Everyone I know has been sick these last few weeks with the flu or something else. It doesn't seem to matter what state you are in either, as I have heard of friends/family being sick in Arizona, North Carolina, California, and here. Last Saturday Hannah woke up really sweaty, so I took her temperature and saw that she had a fever. It quickly raised throughout the day and hit 104 degrees. I was worried that she was going to start seizing, as I know of babies who have done this before because of a high fever. So, I did everything I could, gave her Tylenol, a cool bath, and plenty to drink. She didn't seize, thank goodness, but had a terrible night's sleep. Sunday morning we all missed church. My husband was kind enough to stay home with me so that I could sleep while he watched Hannah. Around noon on Sunday, Hannah's fever suddenly went away. I was worried that she had the flu, so I was expecting other symptoms to come. She was really out of it that day, though, and even fell asleep in my arms, which she never does. Anyway, since Sunday Hannah has still not developed any other symptoms of the flu, so I believe she has Roseola (thanks to my mom who told me about it). It's just a virus that infants can get that causes a high fever and ends with a rash around the body. Tonight I noticed a rash forming around her chest and back which coincides with the symptoms of roseola. She has also been so much more fussy than usual. Yesterday I had to give myself a time out from her because I was losing my patience very quickly with her crying. Today was much better, though, and hopefully she will be completely better by tomorrow. It has been hard to watch her go through this.......poor baby. I just wanted to apologize to Cori, as this is a contagious virus, and I really hope that your kids don't get it.


Esther Noelle said...

Maran you are so right - why is everyone getting sick? Ugh both of my Robbys were sick this weekend and it was awful. I'm still exhausted.... trying to catch back up... hope Hannah is all better!

Mom said...

So, how is she doing now? If she is all better, it probably was Roseola, a common childhood illness. Or some other weird virus. Just hope she is ok now and you can all get some needed rest!

kerrie said...

As I was reading your blog I immediately thought of Roseola too before you mentioned it. Allie had Roseola around 14 months old and we didn't know what it was until the rash appeared a few days later. It's so sad to see babies so sick. I'm glad she's feeling better.