Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Little Lioness



Yikes!!!! Poor Hannah is going to be stuck with my lioness hair. This picture of her reminds me of my Freshman year cheerleader picture, where my hair was out of control because the wind was blowing. Sometimes I feel bad for the bad genes that Scott and I have passed on to Hannah. Poor thing is going to have thick, wavy, coarse hair and will be told this by every hair stylist. Good thing hair straighteners and silky serum were invented!!!!


Mom said...

Hannah looks well! Yes, she has the curse of the thick, wavy, coarse hair. But she sure is cute. I still hear that comment at the hairdresser of what thick hair I have. I suppose it is good as you get older and start to lose a bunch of hair? I don't think I will ever go bald. So, be thankful for that. :)

Jed and Kate said...

Umm, have you guys noticed that you have the most adorable little girl EVER!!! I don't think a single bad gene exists in her entire being! She is SO cute!

RachelBarker said...

She should be a baby gap model!!! Her eyes will make all moms and dads buy. She is getting big too! You must have so much fun being home with her all day. LUCKY. Hopefully one day I'll be able to do that. :)

kerrie said...

LOL, that picture of her crazy hair is darling. I agree though with Kate...there are no bad genes in her. She is a doll...lioness hair and all.

Cori said...

Maran... I FEEL YOU! My poor kids will have the same thick, wavy, (only frizzy instead of coarse) hair from me, and add in one incredibly MONSTROUS callick, courtesy of Craig, and the poor things are going to have hair issues their whole life! PS, I remember those cheer pics!
PSS. We had fun with you on Sunday!

Jon, Teresa & Madison said...

Hi Sprague Family,

Hannah is a doll. I Love looking at her pictures. I hope she is feeling better. Is she walking all the time now? She looks like she is having so much fun at the park and her smile is so adorable. By the way, there's no bad genes in that little beauty.

Jen said...

Maran- I think I have it the worse. I should take a "before" picture of me sometime. (Actually, I have a lion hair picture too.) I'm afraid my girls may have got the genes too. I'm supposed to bring a basket to yw's with stuff that represents me and I was thinking of putting in some hair serum. Anyways-like everyone else said, Hannah is adorable even with lion hair.

Joe and Angela said...

RYC: Funny that you say that. My sister Lisa and I used to joke that Grandma Meyer's house would be "home base" if anything were to happen since she had so much canned food in her pantry.

I have the curse of the thick, wavy hair too. I can barely fit a big hair tie around twice! Joe says he feels bad for our kids for all the bad genes we might pass on to them with all the health problems we have and we should just adopt to spare them.

Hannah's crazy hair picture is so cute, by the way.

Marc and Stacy said...

I love your hair!! Remember in 6th grade, Candace Poteet told me I had ugly hair...and she even wrote it in my yearbook, but she always told you you looked like a model cuz of your hair, and made you flip it over to the side. Is that weird that I remember that? Anyway, Hannah is gorgeous and so is her hair!!! :) I love the lioness picture though!!! Montana has stick straight hair so its sometimes just as hard to manage...and watch out if there's ever any static electricity, I can't get her hair to stop sticking out on ends! :) Miss you!!!