Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!!!

Happy Easter!!! Yesterday we went over to Hollie's in-law's house for an Easter egg hunt and a BBQ. It was really fun to watch Hannah go after the eggs. Here's a short video of her picking up a few eggs:

Here are some pictures of the event:

Kamrie, Sienna, and Hannah

Shhhh....don't tell Si Si that Hannah stole some of her candy...hee hee

I think Hannah had candy in her mouth for about an hour straight. She ate all of her candy plus stole some other kids'.

This morning Hannah and I didn't go to church because she had a terrible night's sleep last night. She is sick again and slept in until 10:30am, which was incredibly nice for me because I was knocked out from the Nyquil that I took the night before (and thank you to my incredible husband for getting up with her in the middle of the night). Easter is definitely not a day that one should miss church. I was sad that I missed all of the great talks about the Resurrection and that I didn't get to show off Hannah's cute Easter dress. She'll get to wear it next week, though, and I plan on taking some pictures of her in it, so stay tuned for those. Even though Hannah was sick, the Easter bunny still left her some treats. The right basket in this picture was her basket. She got a baby doll that she picked out at the toy store, some finger paints, and an alphabet puzzle (and some more candy). Scott and I got 101 Dalmatians and Enchanted (these are actually probably more for Hannah) and a lot of candy! I've eaten so much candy these last few days......I feel sick! Finally, the Easter bunny left us one more present:

We bought ourselves a 2005 Hyundai Sonata yesterday. I know what you're thinking.....'WHAT!! A Hyundai....why in the world would you buy that?' Those of you who have had a Hyundai before know that they used to have problems but are now actually one of the best cars out there. Our bishop works for them and says that they are the cars that he has to order parts for the least because they rarely break down. Our bishop also gave us his employee discount on the car, and we were able to trade it in for our Durango. I really liked the Durango but we were almost paying a full car payment every month in gas for that thing. The "Check Engine" light was always on and more and more problems seemed to be occurring over time. We are SO SO grateful that we had that car, thanks to my wonderful mother-in-law and father-in law. We will still be making payments on this new car, but in the long run we will save money on it because hopefully, it won't break down and it uses A LOT less gas.

Tonight we were able to go to Hollie and Jarin's for dinner and an Easter lesson. The dinner was delicious and the lesson was wonderful! Hannah loves her cousins and had a ton of fun over there!! It's been a wonderful Easter for us.....hopefully yours was just as great!


Cori said...

Love the car Maran! And your bishop was right, I don't know if you remember, but my dad bought me a hyundai in high school (like 8 years ago) and it was a great car! Meghan still drives it and it almost never has problems. Tashi also had a hyundai and loves it. I'm glad you guys had a good Easter, but I'm sorry you are so sick :-( PS. Hannah is georgous, I'm definitely a fan.

Esther Noelle said...

Congrats on the new car!!! We need to return your Office DVDs!!!

Anonymous said...

I am so grateful for the video and the pictures of Hannah! I have been missing you all so much lately, and it helps to see those. I am anxiously waiting to make my final plans for next month - I will let you know what I am doing as soon as I know what I am doing! Love you all so much, and hugs and kisses to my girl! Grandma Julia

Jen said...

Looks like fun! So cute to see Hannah as such a big girl now! I love her piggies. Congrats on the new car- it's purty! I'm sure it will be nice not to have to pay for so much gas!

Aunt Donna said...

That video is priceless! She is so good at getting the eggs into the basket and not getting distracted. Love your car. Funny, Dave and I were out this morning and for the first time in ten years, we actually were browsing the Toyota hybrids and small trucks. Just for fun but the salesmen are all over you!Hope you guys feel better soon. Love yas.

Anonymous said...

Help, does anyone know how to delete the Aunt Donna and replace with my name?

Maran said...

Mom- on my blog you can just choose the option Name/URL and just write your name in there. It will appear black like Jen's does on her comment (and like mine will on this comment).

kerrie said...

Nice car!! That's great that you got a good deal on it. I have to admit, Jake and I both said, "WHAT, Why a Hyundai?" But we haven't looked into cars lately because we're sticking with old goldylocks until she dies on us. So it sounds like you got a great, reliable car. Congrats.

I'm glad you guys had a great Easter. Holiday's sure make us miss being close to family.

Marc and Stacy said...

Happy Easter! So sorry you've been sick!!! That's no fun!
Congrats on the car too!! That's so fun to have new car!!! My parents have had Sonata's and loved them. I've heard Hyundai's are good cars. My mom likes the Sonata's cuz they look like the bodystyle of a jaguar! :)
Hannah is too cute!

leslie jo said...

My aunt has 2 sonatas! She loves them they get her the best mileage they also have an accent and they too love that one. CONGRATS now I want one, gas is ridiculous huh!
Hannah is a doll getting so big and smart!