Sunday, June 10, 2007

Well, Maran said that I needed to blog, but that I am not allowed to talk about the Kings, even though they were very close to signing a very good coach last week (click here). I can talk about, though, the fact that today Hannah is 8 months old. She is getting big too fast if you ask me. Her favorite thing to do now is clap her hands, which Maran mentioned last time. Other than that, our lives are pretty boring right now. Maran is finishing up her first class of the summer, only to start a new one as soon as she is done, and I am about half way through the two classes that I am taking. Work is work, not much new to report there, it has good days and not so good days, but hopefully I will be able to go to part time in the fall so that I can finish up school.
Lately, Maran and I have been watching Alias, which we have not seen before. In my opinion, it is not that great of a show, but I can't stop from watching it, so I guess I think it is pretty good. Maran likes it better than I do, and she is about 10 episodes ahead of me.
Other than that, there is nothing. Hannah went to go get some pictures taken at Wal-Mart yesterday, while I did some grocery shopping. Tonight Maran is making some Cafe Rio chicken salad, which I am extremely excited about. I promise our next post will be better.


Momma Donna said...

Hey Scott, thanks for the post. At least you have something new on your blog site. Your life is more exciting than mine! Tell Maran to send me the recipe for the Cafe Rio chicken salad. I love that stuff.Have you seen Kyle XY? I really like that show and the ones I saw were pretty much G to PG rated. The series is out on DVD and I think I might get it.

Hollie said...

So did Maran pass her class? :) Of, course she did! Sounds like you have a pretty good life, guys. Enjoy every moment of it. This time in your lives will pass quickly.

kerrie said...

Alias, huh? I never got into that show but I have some friends that are loyal fans.

Cafe Rio chicken salad sounds delish! I could go for some of that right about now. Can you fedex some overnight to me?

We just watched a home video of Allie at about 8 months old and she had just learned how to clap then as well. They are so cute at that age. Can't wait to see Hannah again in a couple months.

Teresa & Madison said...

Hi Sprague Family,

I'm glad to hear that everyone is doing good. We just got back from Hanford yesterday and I really wished you all could've came. It was nice to see everyone. Madison and I went riding in grandpa & grandma's backyard. She didn't care for riding with me so she rode her little pony and I rode my horse side by side. We also went hiking in the Sequoia's yesterday. We had a great but busy weekend. Hopefully we'll get to see you soon. I bet it was fun having Hannah's pictures taken. I enjoy having Madison's pictures done because she is a character and a half. Goodluck with school guys.