Saturday, June 23, 2007

Had to throw in a Father's Day picture as well, especially since they match.

Today we went to the little water park down the road with Hannah for the first time (I can't remember what it's called). We only stayed for an hour and a half but I think she really enjoyed it. She loved playing in the kiddie pool and getting squirted with water. It was an incredibly hot day, too....perfect for swimming. I hope that we can go more this summer. I really enjoy getting out and doing fun things like that. If you're wondering what the big scratch on Hannah's face is from, she got her first big owie yesterday when she fell from a sitting position onto a book. It's most likely the first of many wounds to come.


Mom said...

Looks like she is totally wet in the first photo. Maybe she will be a fish and take after her mom. Her eyes are so gorgeous. Sorry to hear about her tipping over onto the book. Poor baby. But yes, the first of many. Enjoy your four days off between summer block!

Jennifer said...

I've left a comment three times yesterday, but it is not showing. Anyways- looks like fun! Was that Seven Peaks? Hannah is adorable- we can't wait to see her this weekend!
PS- I didn't even notice the scratch.

Maran said...

Jennifer- sorry about that. I don't know why it didn't let you leave a comment. It wasn't 7 peaks. I think it's called Veteran's Park. It's just that little place that only costs 3 bucks to get in.

Hollie said...

How fun! I love the summer season. It's such a happy time of year. Hannah is so adorable (as always).

Kerrie said...

That pool is such a fun one! I remember Allie playing in it just last summer, splashing around with you and Scott. Hannah is such a cutie. Sorry about the boo-boo. Wish I could kiss it better for her.

Grandma Julia said...

I too left a comment days ago.....sorry it didn't show up! Anyway, what a cutie! I am so grateful that you all go out to play together! I am having a terrible time this week being so far away from all of you, so thanks again for the pictures and updates. Can't wait to see you next month. Hugs and kisses to my girl!

Grandma Julia

leslie jo said...

I love that you put a sign up for Scott on daddys day that is too cute!
Little Hannah is soo cute. I love her swimsuit.
Look like lots of fun. It has been hot one out there huh! I like that park too went there when I was a kiddie with my G & G.
Wishin you more splishin and splashin!!