Sunday, June 03, 2007

Hannah is finally sitting in her high chair. We used to just feed her in her bouncer.

I think Hannah is going to be a dentist when she's older. She loves to play with my teeth and mouth. You know, to be honest, sometimes I feel like I have nothing to blog about....which is why it takes me awhile to post sometimes. Here's what's happened this week:

Yesterday Scott and I were able to go to the temple for the first time since Hannah has been born, which was really nice. Hollie and Jarin watched Hannah for 4 hours (I had no idea it would take that long) while Scott and I went to the temple together and enjoyed a delicious meal at Arby's afterwards. That's the longest I've ever left Hannah with someone. I'm really glad it was Hollie that was able to watch her, though, and not some random neighbor. We might have one of Scott's single guy friends from work come over our house this week after Hannah's already gone to bed and watch her late at night so we can go to a movie. The thought of having a guy who has never had a baby before watch her scares me a bit, but he said he would bring his sister with him and Hannah will be sleeping anyway. We've had many people offer to watch her, but it's hard to know who to trust.

Today I woke up to a small pain right beneath my left eye, and it has become really tender throughout the day. I'm not sure what the problem is. Anyone ever had that happen to them? It is very red and swollen (that's what she said...ok that's a dumb joke that was on The Office for Kerrie and Jake). I hope I don't wake up to a huge, puffy eye tomorrow.

On Tuesday I have my midterm in my spring term class. I can't believe the term is already more than half way over. I have no motivation for this class, though, because it's a pretty easy class and my teacher just uses power points that were taken directly from the text book. There really is no point in even going to class, but I do anyway.

Well, that's about the extent of my my exciting week. Scott's just been working all week, so I'm guessing his week hasn't been much more exciting. Hannah is more adorable than ever, and is learning how to clap her hands.

PS We got all our money back from those fraudulent charges. YIPPI!


Grandma Julia said...

Maran - Any news from your little family is great news! So keep up the good work on the means a lot to me!! I'm glad to hear that you and Scott made it to the temple. It is soooo important that you two keep your relationship as a priority. I know that Hannah takes up a lot of time and energy, but in the end, it will be back to just you and Scott. Take time for each other....I'll come back and babysit ANYTIME!!!! I'm missing you all...hugs and kisses. Mom

kerrie said... the "that's what she said" joke. Can't wait for next season. As for the red, swollen eye, I should be the expert since I seem to always get puffy eyes but I'm not sure what to tell you. Is it a sty?

Congrats on getting to the temple. I wish we lived there still. I would love to watch Hannah for you guys. Good luck with your midterm.

Marc and Stacy said...

That picture of her grabbing your face is so cute! Montana has learned to pinch, and she pinches the inside of my arms while i'm feeding her. I pretty much have to clip her nails every other day, or else she may draw blood! :)jk. Glad to hear you got all of your money back!
As far as your eye, I totally know how that is. I used to get them a lot. It's probably a sty, and what you should do is get a really hot wash cloth and hold it on your eye, or, what I do is get a really hot Q tip and put it on the sore part. It REALLY helps, and actually makes it feel a lot better cuz its kind of soothing.
Anyway, love ya!

Marc and Stacy said...
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Hollie said...

Aaah, Hannah. She's so cute! Just so you know, we loved watching her and she was super easy. Good luck on your midterm. Before you know it, school will be over and you will hardly remember going to college. Keep up the good work.

Jennifer said...

What a big girl Hannah is feeding herself! I love the messy face pictures. I think Kaden used to stick his hands in my mouth when he was a babe. I'd also be glad to watch Hannah when I come up :)

Jake said...

Congrats on getting the money back! That's the bank's job...though I'm sure that we'll all end up paying for this flourishing in ID fraud in the end.

leslie jo said...

I think the whole fingers in the mouth thing is soo funny huh. Ryker does that too. Maybe he knows that where his favorite things goes.. FOOD!! What a chunk!
Hannah is soo cute and getting so big. Don't take those un busy days for granted or that fact you are in school. I wish! Someday!
Hope to see you soon!

Anonymous said...

Sorry this is so late. I've been to Houston for my doctor's appt and just looked at all the blogs. By now your test is over and I'm sure you aced it. Yeah! one class closer to graduation. Good job Maran. Hannah is so cute with that food all over her face. Glad to see she likes her veggies. Love you guys. Mom