Sunday, September 16, 2012


I can't believe it's already Septemeber and I've only posted 4 times this year. I guess every little thing isn't as important to post about as it was 5 years ago. But we've had two major changes happen in the past couple of months, so I will blog about that. We finally moved into a house! I am extremely excited about this!! After 8 years of living in apartments, I was more than ready to not share a wall and a yard with someone else. We miss our friends in Provo, but we are really happy with where we are now. So here's a pic of the house:

The view from our backyard is really beautiful. We love it here so far.

The girls have been playing with each other more since we've moved, and they've become best friends. And worst enemies. I think they're getting sick of each other now. Luckily, Hannah has already made some friends in our new neighborhood.

Bailey and Brynn have also discovered that our linen closet can be used as a tiny bunk bed.
And here's a picture of the girls in the rain, just because it's cute.
And the second big event that has happened in our lives is that Hannah started kindergarten. Man, I look back on this blog sometimes and can't believe how fast my little girl has grown up. She's turned into a beautiful, smart, and talented little thing. And she's also turned into a big sister that loves to tease her little sisters, but we are grateful for this child. She was very excited for her first day of kindergarten. She kept begging me to take the bus (which she does every day now), and wasn't even the slightest bit scared. She's always been good in new situations. She's good at making friends too, even if she's shy when you first get to meet her. She's always been independent, so when I dropped her off for school, she started running for the playground and almost forgot to give me a kiss goodbye. There were no tears from either of us that day (but many tears from Bailey and Brynn).
Bailey and Brynn didn't want to be left out, so I took some pictures of them as well. Both of these girls want to go to school so bad. They keep telling me that they are 5 and can ride the bus now. It will happen all too soon, and before I know it, I'll have the days to myself. :-(