Sunday, July 22, 2012

Happy birthday Brynn and Bailey!

Yesterday we had a pink princess tea (ish) birthday party for Bailey and Brynn. I guess the only thing tea-ish about it was that I put chocolate milk in a plastic princess teapot and poured it into all of their cups. But anyway, here's a little bit about the party. The kids came and had a princess lunch, played musical chairs, opened presents, and sang happy birthday. And that was about the extent of a party with 8 little three year olds and two little 5 year olds. It was fun, though, and the girls were spoiled with gifts.

Here's what was on the menu for the princess lunch: A crown cut PB & J, white chocolate covered pretzels, heart shaped cheese, strawberry yogurt, and fruit. Oh yeah, and chocolate milk poured from a teapot.

The kids got to pick goodies from those glass jars on the table when the party was over. There were pink gumballs, pink sixlets, pink and white cookies, pink bubbles, pink wands, pink crowns, pink sour straws, and Hershey kisses (The only thing not really pink on the table).
Here are some of the guests are the party:
Bailey was pretty excited about getting her candles lit.

I am so grateful for these little princesses of mine. I can't believe they are almost 3.