Monday, April 12, 2010


Alright, this is a little late, but here are a few pictures of our Easter festivities. First we had an Easter preschool at my house. I've gotten together with 6 other ladies and their kids to do preschool every Thursdays. I've only had to do it twice at my house and both times it's been pretty fun. This past time we had bunny masks and played "Bunny Bunny Rabbit" (Duck Duck Goose, but they had to hop like bunnies instead of run).

Scott thinks the mask is kind of freaky looking. After looking at this picture, I think I agree. I may have nightmares tonight.

We also had them make stained glass eggs (out of tissue paper and clear eggs).

The one on the right was the model egg. The one of the left was Hannah's egg.

We also had an Easter egg hunt. Each child had their own color of eggs, so they all got 3.

The Saturday before Easter, we colored some eggs with friends...

and then we headed over to my sister's house for an Easter egg hunt.

Bailey and me with the video camera below....

and sweet little Brynn.

Hannah picking up her eggs.

I didn't get any pictures on Easter day, but we did spend the night at my sister's house and had some yummy goodies and a yummy dinner to go along with it.

I tried to take pictures of Hannah in her Easter dress yesterday, but it just wasn't happening. She was being a humongous stink! This child has been challenging my patience lately. Quick, I better say two things nice about her before I say something bad......She's a wonderful big sister and absolutely LOVES her little sisters and she's really funny. Whew, okay. I've just had SO much trouble with her being obedient lately and I feel like I've tried EVERYTHING. I guess sometimes I forget that she's only 3.
These are the only two semi good ones I got.

And then she ran away from me for like a block. And she got a spank. I promised I wouldn't ever spank my children before I had them, but I've broken that promise. Boo.

Yup definitely a stinker, but an adorable one.

I didn't attempt to get the girls in their dresses after my little fiasco with Hannah, but here's a picture of them in some dresses that my mom made. Adorable!! Maybe next week I'll take some of them in their Easter dresses.


Jon, Teresa and Madison said...

The girls are so adorable! I love the dresses your mom made with the matching hair clips. I've been running out of patience with Maddie, too! I too forget that she's only 3 but I wish she would just behave. I'm glad you guys had a nice Easter.

Brenner Family said...

They are getting so big Maran! All three of them! I could only imagine how you feel with 3 of them. Taylor is very strong willed (stinker), shes getting better as she gets older but there were a couple years that tried my patience. I got allot of GREAT advice and recourses if you are curious. I will send the info to you. Send me your email address, actually I might have it.

Amber said...

I love the matching dresses, so cute.

Keith and Stacy said...

They are all so cute! I love the pouty picture of Hannah. It made me laugh. That's what I have to look forward to eh? I guess it's a good thing they're so stinkin cute or we might not survive raising our children.

Mom said...

For some reason my comments don't show up. Wonder what I am doing wrong?
Anyway, love Hannah's Easter photo. She looks precious. And looks like she had a wonderful Easter. The babies are adorable too. Looking forward to seeing their Easter outfits. It looks like it was a cold Easter with the wind blowing. Love yas.

Grandma Julia said...

Look at those beautiful little girls! They are growing too fast! Is little Brynn as sweet as she looks, and that Bailey so full of smiles! And of course, my Hannah...she gets more beautiful every day..Love to all of you..I miss you terribly and hope to see you for a quick visit the end of next month. I will keep my fingers crossed we can get there - Grandma Julia