Monday, March 01, 2010

I Don't Know What to Title This

I need to get those pictures of me off the top of my blog, so here's another post. Thank you to those of you who commented on my last post. It feels really good to hear nice things when you've worked so hard, so you all made my week! Now to the cuter part of my family.....the girls!! Here are a few pictures.

I tried SO hard to get Brynn to smile in the above picture. Jumped around, yelled, laughed hysterically at her, sung, tickled her, and I got nothing. There's something about a camera in their faces that intrigues them......maybe it's the gargantuan lens and extremely bright flash.

It was pure luck that I got the above one of Bailey.

As you've probably seen at the top of my blog, I dressed my girls up in the same shirt and took pictures of them. I liked this one of Hannah, except for the fact that her fly is unbuttoned. I got these shirts for $2.50 at Children's Place. You can't beat that!

And finally, Happy Valentine's Day to me!!

Wanna know a secret??

My previous wedding ring was real gold, but had a fake diamond on it. I told Scott that that was what I wanted before we got engaged. I personally find it silly to go into major debt to get a huge diamond ring, so we didn't. Six years later and a nice tax return, I finally got my diamonds. My previous ring was a solitaire, but I decided I wanted something different this time. It's not your typical wedding ring, but I love it. It's very sparkly! Who knows, maybe in ten more years I'll get a new one. Who says you have to wear the same ring your whole life? Not I.


Teresa said...

Hey Maran,

You have such a cute family. The girls are getting so big. I can't believe Brianna is already 7 months old. Time sure does fly by. I've been meaning to tell you how great you look. You look AWESOME!

Mom said...

I loved being up there and holding and kissing all my girls. The babies smell so delicious! I loved the sparkliness of your ring. So pretty and out of the ordinary. Thanks for spending time with Dave and I. Love ya

Jennifer said...

Ooh la la- that ring is purdy! The babies (and Hannah)are getting so big and adorable! I wish I could see them. I may need to make a trip to Utah :-)

kerrie said...

Love the ring! We have the same taste...that's just what I have been wanting for the past 6 or so years (after I saw something similar on Marie Osmond's finger). Looks good on you.
And yes, there is something about a camera that makes little ones turn into zombie's. As soon as Luke sees a video camera, he stops doing whatever adorable thing he's doing and tries to grab the camera. It's so annoying! Anyway, whether Brynn's smiling or not, however, she is so are Bailey and Hannah.

Alene said...

Your girls are so cute! But I'm sure you already know :)