Wednesday, March 17, 2010

H-A-P-P-Y S-T. P-A-T-R-I-C-K-S D-A-Y T-O Y-O-U!

I love St. Patricks Day, even if it means I have to wear the one ugly green shirt that I have. The reason I love it.....THE FOOD....and I suppose it's also a way to celebrate my Irish background!! I do love corned beef, though! It's SO SO SO delicious! I could bathe myself in corned beef. Just kidding. That's actually really disgusting. But anyway, here's what we had for dinner tonight:

Corned beef, cabbage, carrots, green mashed potatoes, yummy salad, and rolls with green butter. We also had green Tampico but it was WAY too sugary. I couldn't even drink a cup of it.

Too bad my table cloth doesn't fit our table.

For dessert, I let Hannah choose these cookies from the grocery store. They're cute, but thank goodness Scott and I will be enjoying some mint chocolate chip ice cream later on tonight. As you can tell from Hannah's face, they're hard as rocks.

And here are some pictures we took yesterday. We had a picnic in front of the temple because it was a BEAUTIFUL day!! Spring time really just makes me happy.


Emily said...

What a fun dinner! You're such a fun mom!
I thought about trying to do green eggs and ham, but we just had left overs :)

RachelBarker said...

So cute! Creating memories for those little ones, I love seeing kids in Green on St. Patricks day. Was it you or Maren were we had matching green outfits for St. Patricks day??? Either way I had matching outfits with the both of you, lol. Your girls are getting so big! :)

Mom said...

Yum that meal looks good. We haven't had our corned beef and cabbage yet, tomorrow. I am so glad that Spring is finally making its way to Utah! Its been beautiful here too, in the 70's. Hooray! Winter is over! Love the close ups of the girls.

Kerrie said...

That dinner looks awesome!! It sounds like you guys had a fun day too. I love Hannah's headband...does she keep it on? Allie never keeps hers on. And how fun that you had a picnic at the temple. What a fun mom you are!!

Jon and Mindy Niu said...

Maran, you have such a beautiful family! You are such a fun mom ;)

Jennifer said...

What a fun dinner! We just did ours on Sunday because we were out of town on St patty's day. The girl's are getting so big. They are adorable!