Thursday, January 07, 2010

Christmas Festivities

First off, I just wanted to let you all know that I am changing my comments so now I have to review them before they are published. I'm not liking these spam comments that I've been getting, so that's why I'm doing it. Scott wants me to go private, but I really don't want to do that. If I keep getting spam, though, I might have to.

So anyway, this post is going to have a plethora of videos and some pictures of our Christmas festivities. Scott and I both agree that this was the best Christmas we've ever had together (except maybe the one where he proposed to me) because Hannah is now old enough to understand what's going on. Here she is below with the gingerbread house we made together. She has such a sweet tooth, though. I think for every candy she put on the gingerbread house, one was put in her mouth as well.

We went to California for Christmas this year. I was really worried that Brynn and Bailey were going to be screaming the whole 12 hours of the drive, but they were angels. I heard about 10 minutes of crying there and back out of them. It was a Christmas miracle. Below is Hannah with the cookies she left out for Santa on Christmas Eve at Grandma Julia's house. She got those twin babies from my dad for Christmas.

Here are a few videos of Christmas day. I just love how excited Brynn is when she opens her gift from Santa (actually I don't think her expression changes at all the entire video).

On Christmas afternoon we went to my mom's house to open presents with her. Hannah got this pretty, sparkly dress.

Here is Hannah with her cousins in their new PJs and blankets, which my mom made.

Here's a video of Hannah and her cousin, Si Si, singing, which I thought was really cute.

We also got to meet up with Scott's dad while we were in California and were able to go to Old Sacramento. I hadn't been there for years and years, so it was a lot of fun. Kind of a bummer that we didn't have a stroller for the girls, though. We had some delicious Round Table pizza for lunch. I miss that pizza. Little Sleez just ain't cuttin' it here in Utah.

Here's a picture of Bailey holding her bottle, which she just recently learned how to do. Her cheeks and nose are REALLY red in this picture. I guess she was hot.

And I had to take a picture of Brynn too. She still had her lovely locks in this picture below. I cut her hair when we got home because her mohawk was getting out of control. I'm kind of sad that I cut it, though. Her comb-over was her trademark, and now her hair is short. She looks really different to me. Still adorable, but different.

Finally, here's a video of the girls eating some sweet potatoes for the first time. On a side note...I'm really confused. During Thanksgiving, I made a sweet potato casserole. I always thought sweet potatoes were orange, but when I started making my casserole, I learned that they are actually white. I was confused, so I googled sweet potatoes and learned that people often confuse them with yams, which are orange. Okay, so sweet potatoes are white and yams are orange. Then I get this jar of baby food entitled, "Sweet Potatoes." Look at the color.

I'm confused again.

Oh, and here are our Christmas pictures if you didn't get to see them.


Amy said...

Cute post.

Emily said...

So cute! I loved the videos. Especially the singing one.
And now, I'm confused... do I like sweet potatoes or yams?? I don't know if I've ever had actual sweet potatoes.
Did you give the twins rice cereal before baby food? I've started Danica on rice cereal, but she's not digging it so much. She doesn't really close her mouth around the spoon, so I've been giving it to her in a bottle. I don't know if she's not digging it because of the way I'm feeding it to her or if she just doesn't like it. I might just move on to baby food. Did you encounter that at all?

Mom said...

I can tell this was such a fun Christmas for you with all the activities and people and Christmas get togethers that you had. Phew! I am so glad the babies were good in the car. That was a miracle.
Can we have a close up of Brynn with her mohawk cut? And I see that they are wearing the piggy bibs. How cute! They love real food! Their diapers are going to become very interesting. :)

Mom, again said...

PS from my research on the yam/sweet potato I found that 99% of all of the "yams" in the usa are actually sweet potatoes. The flesh comes in various shades of yellow-orange. But authentic yams are a completely different starchy potato-like thing in Africa. In order to get an authentic "yam", one would have to go to an international section of the veggie dept. So, that is why your sweet potato baby food is orange.:)

Jen said...

We had such a great time hanging out with you guys! So, it sounds like the babies did well on the way home too?? That's amazing. I hope they are over their colds... I feel bad.

Give them lot's of kisses for me and a big wet one for Hannah ;-)