Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Bird

The Bird #1:

The Bird # 2:

The Bird #3:

Look closely at Brynn's hand and Bailey's malicious smile if you don't know what I mean. I thought this was really funny when I noticed it.

Here's a more appropriate picture :-)


Emily said...

Haha! Those are so precious!

Mom said...

Those are hilarious. Little stinkers:) I also love that while Brynn is giving "the bird" with one hand, they are holding hands with the other. Oh how sweet and precious. Is the first silhouette of Brynn? She looks chunky. They are both chunking up and looking adorable.

Sweet Cakes said...

Thanks for your comment! What cute girls you have :) I love that they are holding hands! We need to come see you guys sometime!

kerrie said...

Oh, they are soooo cute! And the comparison to birds is hilarious. That last "bird" picture is too funny.

JIll said...

Maran, you are so funny! I was cracking up! Your girls are beautiful!!!! I can't wait to finally meet them soon! Love to all of you and see you soon!

Jen said...

Ha,ha! That was funny! The last picture is adorable.

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Anonymous said...

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mom said...

Who is anonymous? Sounds like a computerized program. If this keeps happening you may have to do by invitation only? I checked on the ggbbgg one and it comes from China. How weird is that?