Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Organizing and Decorating

Well these last couple of weeks have been crazy for me! I've had to learn how to organize things. This is kind of hard for me because I've never really been a very organized person....or very clean for that matter. Don't get me wrong, our house is not usually a pig sty, but it has its moments. I've gotten better over the years at putting things where they go, but now that we are going to have to cram 5 people into this 2 bedroom apartment, I've decided it's time to step up the organization. I've gone through almost everything in our house (besides the kitchen...that's another story) and found a proper place for it: the garbage or in some sort of drawer or shelf. I had to throw or give away a lot of stuff. I don't necessarily think I'm a pack rat, but sometimes it's hard to get rid of stuff. I always think, 'Sure I've only used this once in the past 5 years, but what if I need it someday?'

Anyway, amongst the stuff we got rid of were Hannah's crib and changing table. I loved that crib and changing table, but since we are getting two matching cribs from someone else, I decided that we needed to just get rid of hers. We bought her a "big girl bed," which she seems to love. I was worried that she would get out of her bed at night since she's no longer locked in, but she hasn't once.

I also got rid of all of her room decor and bought all new stuff with the gift cards that I had to Target. The babies' bedding will match hers as well. Somehow we are going to have to fit two cribs in this room with her, but for now we'll let the babies sleep in our room. But anyway, one thing I've learned from this whole experience is that I LOVE decorating. I haven't had much experience because a lot of our decorations and furniture are either hand-me-downs or were given to us by other people, but I really just loved looking through bedding, curtains, and other decor online and piecing it all together. I am really excited to someday buy our first house (hopefully next year when we are no longer on a college student's income) and decorate it. I'm not really that good at it, but it really brings me joy to do it.

Here is Hannah's new room:

I haven't decided if I'm keeping that pink rug or not. It might be too much bright pink. That mirror's color looks off too.....maybe I'll exchange it for a brown one. The colors are supposed to be green, white, dark brown, and bright and light pink. You are welcome to give me your opinion on that rug if you'd like. Also, I wish the dresser was either white or really dark brown, but someday all of our furniture will match (That dresser used to be in our room but we are now using it as a changing table for the babies). I am still waiting on a bed skirt that matches her bedding to come in the mail, but everything else is about done.

Anyway, it's been kind of a fun couple of weeks decorating. Organizing has been kind of fun as well, but it's extremely hard work keeping everything in its place. If you have any suggestions on how to keep things organized, let me know.


Donna said...

Maran that room looks adorable! I actually love the bright pink. It definitely adds brightness to the floor. It will look cute with the bedskirt and then you can stash stuff under Hannah's bed. There is a way to paint furniture but I think you should stay away from paint right now :) Why does Hannah look sad in the photo? Is she having a two year old moment? Love ya

leslie jo said...

OH fun... this is my favorite thing to do. I agree with you though I have a hard time tossing stuff too.
It's really cute I LOVE pink, green and brown. The wall above hannahs bed you could get some cute scrapbook paper or fabric and frame it in 2 lil frames that would be cute, bring the hot pink into them too..

I have to agree with you though with the mirror the pink doesn't match. I think that dresser looks fine but it would look darling white...I agree with your momma. Stay away from painting but when you want to do it call me over I will help. I love to do that kind of stuff.
The bedding is soo cute I also 2nd the bed skirt so you can stash away stash away stash away ALL... hehehe
The rug I love the bright pink it ties up the room but if you exchange the mirror you need to bring that pink in another place. They always say if you are going to use a brighter color to use it 3 times or something like that..BUt it depends on what you want the focal point of the room to be...
However I think it is to small to be in the middle of the room. maybe move it in front of the dresser or in front of the bed or turn in long wise infront of the bookshelf for a lil reading rug!
Oh this is too fun I think I will redecorate jos room now!
ARe you getting sooo excited? Good luck!

Brenner Family said...

Dont you love decorating?! The room is looking very cute! I love the pinks and browns and greens.
Remember various shades of the same color goes well together, everything doesnt have to be uniform, but should tie in someplace else in the room. I agree the mirror should maybe be brown, you could also stain the little shelf above her bed brown. You could also use pretty decorative ribbon in the colors of the room to hang the pictures, turns out really cute. The rug is very cute and ties in the picture above the bed of Miss Hannah and the curtains, but if you move it out of the center of the room, it wont draw too much attention to it which makes you think its too much. Love it Love it!

Jen said...

Very cute Maran! Wow, maybe I need to post some pictures and get some good decorating tips.
I'm thinking you may not even have to set up two cribs for a while. A friend in the ward had twins three months ago, and they always sleep together. She actually doesn't even bring them to church in their carseats. She sticks both of them in one baby basket...their still so little. It's quite adorable. I guess you'll find what works for you. :-)

Marc and Stacy said...

Love it! It looks awesome-wanna come clean, organize and decorate my house? Maybe it will put you into early labor?? jk

WAY TO GO! You are amazing-being able to do all that you do all while carrying two children?? You're awesome.

Esther Noelle said...

Wow Maran that looks great!

And she really hasn't gotten out of her toddler bed?? I am impressed!

Diane said...

Totally keep the rug... I love the bright, vibrant color and it's nice to break up the dark color underneath it.

The dresser would look darling in white, but it's not necessary. :o)

Glad you're having fun - thinking happy thoughts for you and your babies!

Kerrie said...

You have made that shabby apartment look so cute! I love it all...curtains, rug, bins, etc. That's one thing I am looking forward to about moving...reorganizing, decluttering and decorating.