Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Festivities

Happy Easter everyone! Here are some pictures and videos from our events over the past couple of days.

Coloring eggs

Finding eggs

And then of course we had to eat egg salad sandwiches for lunch after Hannah found the eggs but I don't have a picture of that.

Scott's dad made a quick trip to Utah this weekend to visit. Here he is saying goodbye to Hannah last night.

This morning Hannah woke up to some presents that the Easter bunny left her. She got a Dora backpack (which she has been asking me for for weeks now), some crafts, bubbles, and of course, CANDY, CANDY, CANDY. I wouldn't be surprised if all of her teeth are rotten after how much candy she's eaten this week. Scott and I shared a basket. As you can see, I got the movie Twilight, which I actually opened 2 weeks ago and have watched twice since then. Scott got a video game for his XBox. I don't know if we are going to push this whole "Easter Bunny" thing on our kids, though. It's weird to me how we got the Easter bunny and candy and eggs out of the resurrection. Sure, we'll still do it, but just imagining some huge bunny leaving treats is actually a scary picture to me.

Here she is with her new backpack.

This afternoon we went over to my sister's house for another Easter egg hunt with more candy and a delicious ham dinner. Hannah wanted to put her eggs in her backpack rather than in her basket. P.S. This is the only picture you'll see of me during these events. We had one of the three of us with Hannah in a different Easter dress, but I just can't get the guts to post it. Let's be honest, I'm huge and it embarrasses me. I wish I weren't so self conscious because it's ridiculous....I'm having twins!! I should be huge!!! Anyway, I will post more pics on Tuesday since it's my 24 weeks checkup.

Well, we had an awesome Easter. I hope that yours was just as good!


Jen said...

Looks like a fun Easter! I wish we all lived closer. (sigh) Maybe someday :-) You don't look huge in the picture you posted. You look cute!

kerrie said...

I agree with don't look huge at all. You look very cute! I'm glad you guys had a great Easter. These holidays sure make us miss family even more.

Mom said...

Hannah looks adorable with her new backpack. Love her blue eyes. We had a very quiet Easter. Dave gave a talk in church and was glad when it was over. He did a great job.
Maran, you look very cute, not huge in this picture. Take pictures now before you really are huge! J/K :) Mom
PS If you weren't larger than average, I would be worried.

Marc and Stacy said...

SOOO not huge! At all-you are too hard on yourself. You're gorgeous! Looks like you guys had a wonderful Easter! I can't wait to see you this week!!!!! Hannah is so darn cute.