Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Christmas, Finally

Wow! It's taken me a long time to post about Christmas. So this past Christmas we stayed here in Utah. My mom and step-dad decided to come up, which made it feel a little bit more like home. My sister lives about a half hour from us, so we decided to spend the night at her house on Christmas Eve. The kids put on a Nativity scene, which turned out really cute. I don't think Hannah got what was going on, but she played a cute little lamb (and Scott got to play the donkey- hee haw). Unfortunately our camera ran out of batteries as soon as we got to my sister's house, so these pictures are all from my mom's camera.

Christmas day was wonderful. As I mentioned, I didn't throw up once, and we were able to open up presents, eat breakfast, and eat a lasagna dinner with sausage and meatballs without any "incidents." We also told our families that I was pregnant, which is always exciting. I made my mom and dad calendars of all of their grand kids that said "Sprague Baby # 2" on the month of August. This was before I knew that we were having twins, who will probably be born in July. We also wrote Christmas cards to Scott's parents to let them know that we were expecting.

Hannah got two adorable tutus from her grandma Julia and decided that she wanted to wear them both.

She also got a makeup kit in her stocking. Bad idea. It got everywhere when she tried to put it on.

Here's Hannah enjoying her eggnog french toast for breakfast.

That Saturday we went sledding. My other sister from Arizona came up to Utah the day after Christmas, so it was fun to have a lot of my family here.

Hannah did really well on the sleds. She's such a little dare devil!

And finally, here are a couple of videos of Christmas Eve and Christmas day. Again, these will probably be boring to anyone except grandparents, but I hope you enjoy them anyway.
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P.S. I have gotten my piece of pizza since my last post, thank you very much, and it was delicious;-)


Jen said...

My kids loved watching the video! It was fun to see you guys! Nice job on the Nativity outfits...much better than what we used. Give Hannah a kiss for us.

Hollie said...

I'm so glad you video taped some of our festivities. Hannah is such a cutie. However, I don't think she appreciated Daddy calling her a scraggle muffin in the second video. Her face went from smiling to serious. It was pretty funny.

Marc and Stacy said...

Looks like a fabulous Christmas! What a fun little lamb you have! :)

So glad you got your piece of pizza!

Anonymous said...

I guess I didn't realize you were video taping cuz I sure wasn't sitting properly! Anyway, glad you got the videos. It was cute and I loved being there in person. That is what Christmas is all about! The Nativity,Heavenly Father's gift to us, and the family celebrating togetherness, love and gratitude for His wonderful gift. Presents are fun too:) Mom