Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hooray For Family!

This weekend was a blast! My entire immediate family was here besides my brother. I have one sister that flew in from North Carolina, one from Arizona, and parents that drove from California. Everyone left either yesterday or Sunday besides my sister from NC, who will be here for another week (hip hip hooray!). I have a few pics from this weekend, mostly from Hannah's birthday. We were going to do a Disney theme, but I decided to do a flower/fairy theme for her birthday since I have a really cute cook book for fairy treats.

Here's my little fairy on her birthday

We went over to my sister's house to have dinner, open presents, and eat cake. Above is Hannah about ready to open her presents. Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who sent her a gift or a greeting (even if you wrote a comment on my last post). She loved them ALL!

Hannah with her cousins Sienna, Kamrie, and Allie

Here is one of the treats that I made. It's supposed to be a dragonfly fairy wand. It was basically chocolate covered pretzels, and it tasted delish! There's just somthing extremely scrumtuos about sweet and salty mixed together.
These are tiny little cupcakes that we made for the kids to eat. I let Hannah decorate most of them with sprinkles, butterflies, and flowers.

Hannah ready to blow out the candles

Here is a video of us singing to her:

Ok, I promised that I wouldn't post the above picture but I lied. It's the only one I have of all of my family. We had a date night with just adults, which was very pleasant. We went to Olive Garden and got the all-you-can-eat pasta bowls. I couldn't even finish my first bowl. By the time the second one came around I was ready to puke up spaghetti all over the place. Bleh!
I am posting the above picture despite the fact that you could pack the bags under my eyes and use them as suitcases. I look very tired in this pic. Oh well. This is me with my 3 sisters and my mom.

Hannah and Si Si above
This is Hannah with the present that Scott and I got her. We got her a little table with chairs and a tea set. She loves them! She has to eat breakfast there every morning. If you look closely, you can see the sugar stains on my walls from when I made peach jam. Gross. I swear I tried to clean it off but it looks like it's still plastered on there.

Anyway, it was a GREAT weekend. I love having my family in town!


Marc and Stacy said...

How fun that you got to celebrate Hannah's b-day with your family! Wish we could come celebrate too! :) You and all your sisters and mom look stunningly beautiful! As always!

I love the table and tea set. Montana needs one of those.

She is adorable in the fairy wings. Cute party theme!

RachelBarker said...

Ok, love your fairy wand! I want to eat one. Love her tea set and table. I think every little girl needs one of those. Nice work on the party.
And the best part of the party was having your family.
Beautiful GIRLS! Always have been

Mom said...

We had an awesome time. Except for the freezing weather, everyday was wonderful with my children and grandchildren. Thanks for letting us sleep in your living room! Hannah is adorable. Love ya