Saturday, December 08, 2007

Our Snowy Day

Today we went to one of the Singles ward activities again. They made gingerbread houses, stuffed footballs, and had a sweet treat contest. They also had groups before the activities make music videos of themselves, and we got to watch them. The videos were hilarious, and there was one in particular that I could not stop laughing at. If we can get it from the guy who made it, we'll post it. Here are a few pictures:

People making stuffed footballs (not really sure why they were making these....maybe for kids who don't have toys).

Here is Scott, the 1st counselor, and the Bishop testing all of the desserts and judging them.

This guy played "We Wish You A Merry Christmas" on the bagpipes. He was awesome!
We also had another huge snow storm today, so we played out in the snow for a few minutes until we were all cold. I like the snow, but I remembered tonight that it's not fun when your feet get wet and you are walking around with wet shoes and socks and your feet feel like prunes. Our kitchen gets flooded, too, when it's really wet outside, so my socks get wet when I am inside and outside. It's really pretty, though.

Tonight we dropped Hannah off at some girls' house because they have been asking to babysit her for weeks. I had plans for Scott and I to go ice skating but found out that during the time we wanted to go they were having hockey practice. We went to dinner and the mall instead. I was really bummed that we didn't get to go ice skating because we've never gone together, but hopefully we'll get to go another day. It was nice to go on a date, though. Anyway, so that was our day.


Hollie said...

I'm so glad you got to go out on a date. Hannah is so cute all decked out in her snow outfit. Did she like the snow?

Mom said...

Wow, you guys got alot of snow. It rained here the day after we got home so that explains the snow. So glad we missed driving in it. It actually looks beautiful. Thats a great photo of you guys and Hannah. BTW, you and Scott can go skating at the K street mall. That would be a fun thing for all to do :)

Joe and Angela said...

Wow! You guys got a lot of snow. It was supposed to snow all weekend up here in Logan, but it looks like it all fell on you guys before it made it's way up here.

Sorry you missed out on ice skating. There will be lots more opportunities to go, I'm sure!

That activity looked like a lot of fun. I wouldn't trade being married for anything in the world, but sometimes I get a bit nostalgic and miss my old student ward. Some of my best memories were made there. I'm sure the calling keeps Scott super busy, but what a great opportunity for your family to serve and keep making memories with the ward members. They appreciate you and your time spent serving them more than you know, I'm sure!


Jennifer said...

What's that white stuff on the ground? It's sure pretty, but nothing says Christmas like a cactus covered with lights.

kerrie said...

I'm flying into this in a few days? I might just stay's in the upper 70's all week long.

I actually like the snow if I don't have to drive in it. Glad you guys got to go on a date. Too bad we still don't live next door. We would swap babysitting all the time.

Marc and Stacy said...

I feel like I haven't made a comment in forever...probably because I haven't. I 've been bad at blogging and blog commenting lately, but I'm back! :) Maran, Hannah is so adorable! I totally feel you on the emptying cupboards and such, thing. Montana does it too!!!
So fun that you guys have snow...but I guess that's easy for me to say from California! Is it freezing? Hannah looks like she liked it!!
Miss you...when are you coming down? Rachel and I were talking about it the other day...when you come down, we all need to go out!
Love you,

Marc and Stacy said...

I just thought about know what we could all go do when you come? We can go ice skating! That would be so fun...I've never been ice skating with Marc either.