Friday, October 19, 2007

One Year Appointment

Hannah had her 1 year old appointment today. She's had this nasty rash around her mouth for a little over a month now. Some days it looks worse than others. I asked the doctor what he thought it was and he either said......

A. Pacifier Rash,
B. Allergic Reaction to milk products,
C. Eczema, or
D. Getting new teeth causes more drool, which causes a rash around the mouth

Quiz time for ya'll....what do you think he said??? You can see the rash in this picture posted. I feel bad for her and hope it goes away soon. Here are her other stats:

weight: 18 lbs 13 oz which is 13%
heighth (ha ha, mom)...... I mean height: 28.5 inches which is 23%
and her iron levels are back to normal.

She had 5 shots today....and absolutely hated it. Poor little thing. Also, as suspected she is has gotten 4 new teeth in the past two weeks. It's been a very fussy couple of weeks, but she is still an excellent little girl.


kerrie said...

Hmmm, this is a good quiz. I'm going back and forth between answers. My final answer would be C. Eczema (although D is a close second). I can hardly see the rash doesn't look too bad. I'm so jealous that Jake gets to see all of you tomorrow. I wish I were there.

Jennifer said...

My guess is D. Kaden used to get a little rash on his chin-- he was a big drooler. It's hard to believe that Hailey was even smaller than Hannah... Hannah is so petite. (Hailey weighed 15.5lbs at 1). Maybe if your childs name starts with an H, she is going to be small (Hollie, Hannah, Hailey). :)

Marc and Stacy said...

My answer is D also, just because I know this age brings lots of teeth. Montana is trying to get like four in all at the same time, and is drooling a lot. No rashes yet, I'll cross my fingers, but, like your sisters said, you can barely see her rash. She's SO gorgeous.
Oh, and yeah, she is INCREDIBLY petite. I'm sure Montana is already in the 20 lb range. I'll let ya know in a little less than a month! :)

Mom said...

I also think it is from drooling. She is actually bigger than I thought she would be. Maran, weren't you under 20 lbs at one year. I think all my girls were. I think Jen was only 17 lbs. or so.It runs in our family. Her heighth (heehee) is good. Whats nice with the little ones is that when they are one they actually fit into size 12 mo. and when they are two they fit a 2T. It makes shopping for them easy!

Jed said...

I think it is pacifier rash. But, I can't even see it. But, I had to vote for one of them. What do we get if we win? A visit from Hannah? Just send her out to NY and we'll pick her up at the airport. We'll give you guys a break. What do you say?

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