Sunday, October 07, 2007

Birthday Party!!

I know you are all dying to see pictures of Hannah's birthday party (JK). Well, we had a bit of a change of plans. We were supposed to have Hannah's birthday party on Friday night in the park, but unfortunately there was a big storm and we couldn't fit everyone in our apartment, so we had to cancel. Instead, we had her party tonight at Hollie's house with only family. It was still a lot of fun! Little did I know, she is terrified of watching the air let out of balloons. Poor thing. Here are a few pictures......Playing with a few toys she got!

Here's the cake I made. My sisters have all made beautiful cakes for their kids so I tried to make one, but it didn't turn out quite so beautiful. It was still fun to make.

She didn't shove the cake down her throat like I thought she would. I think she was full from dinner. She seemed to like it, though.

These past couple of days we've had my mom and Dave here visiting. It was really nice having them here. They are always fun to be with, and they were able to watch Hannah for us while we went to General Conference (our first was a neat experience). Wednesday is Hannah's actual birthday. We'll have to do something fun to celebrate! I can't believe how fast our little girl is growing up.


Mom said...

We loved staying with you guys. Hannah is such a sweet baby. She was so easy to watch and we enjoyed kissing her. Reminds me of Maran when she was a tiny one. Boy its hard to go home again. But at least we will be back in another month. Love you guys, Mom

Kate Allgood Cowley said...

Happy Birthday Hannah!! Maran, your cake was WAY prettier than any cake I've ever made! I'm impressed! It looks like you put a lot of time and effort into it and it turned out so cute! Mmm, I want a bite!!

Hollie said...

I can't believe our Hannah banana is turning one! Boy the time flew. I'm glad we got to celebrate her birthday at our house. The cake was gorgeous in real life too. (It also tasted delicious). Way to go Maran!

Price family said...

Happy Birthday Hannah!!!You are growing up way too fast!Maran you did an awesome job on Hannahs cake!When she looks back on the pictures of it, she will see how much love her momma put into making her 1st birthday so special!

Kerrie said...

Happy Birthday Hannah!! We have been thinking about you today. We wish we could be there to give you kisses.

Maran, your cake is awesome! Looks like you spent many hours frosting it.

Jennifer said...

Happy birthday Hannah! We were thinking about you. Your first year went by too fast. We love you little cutie! Maran, that cake is beautiful!