Saturday, September 22, 2007


As you look at these pictures, you might think that they are a little strange to be on our blog. Let me explain. While I was in high school, all my friends knew that I was a member of the Church, so I always told them that I was going to go to college at BYU. Things went great, until I got my rejection letter. After my mission, I decided to try again. Don't all return missionaries get into BYU? The answer to that question is no, as I found out when I received my next rejection letter. So, after moving to Utah, I went to LDS Business College. After a year there, I figured that I would try again. After all, I was taking religion classes, going to a church school, I had a good GPA, why shouldn't I get in? Someone in the admissions office definitely knew something that I did not. Rejection letter number three. After talking to some people, I was told that I should apply for the winter semester, because I would have a better chance of getting in. The people that told me that are liars, because I still didn't get in. I grew tired of going to Salt Lake for school, so, finally a resident of Utah, I began attending UVSC, soon to be known as UVU. I figured at this point I might as well get used to the fact that I would graduate as a wolverine. Not too shabby, wolverines are pretty tough. In fact, I would not want to be anywhere close to where a wolverine is. I did, though, decide to apply to BYU one more time. This would be last time though, because I was too far in school to worry about it. So, I had my transcripts sent in, re-wrote my essay, got an ecclesiastical endorsement, and prepared for the worst. I even went to talk to my Stake President, who is a Professor at BYU, to see if he could help. All I wanted was a letter of recommendation, but he went into the admissions office to talk to them. He called me last week to tell me that he got no where with them, and that I should just go into the admissions office myself and see what I could do. I actually set up an appointment, but the day of the appointment our car had issues, so I had to cancel.
Then today came... When Maran went out to get the mail, she came back with a letter from BYU's admissions office. We opened it up, expecting to see, "We regret to inform you..." but instead saw "We are delighted to inform you..." So, I finally got into BYU. I am really, really happy about this. To a lot of people, it is probably no big deal, but it is to me. To celebrate, we went to Red Lobster to partake of all the shrimp we could eat. The picture above is me enjoying my second round of shrimp scampi. The billboard of Abraham Lincoln sums up my experience pretty well. And to top it all off, my electric toothbrush started working after weeks of not working. It was a good day.


Jedediah said...


Dude, I am so happy! Relentless. I am glad you went and ate shrimp. Shrimp is the best! Man, I can't say enough about you getting in. Are you pumped? You totally deserve it. Seriously, Con-frieking-grats

Grandma Julia said...

Scott -
Yipee! I am so proud of you! Your patience has finally paid off-I knew it would happen! I'll take you out for a second round of shrimp when I see you next if you want to celebrate again! Congratulations honey!
Love you so - Mom

Jennifer said...

Wahoo! That's awesome! I'm glad you didn't give up.
When you're sitting in the testing center, cursing the school, remember how excited you were. (Maybe that's just my experience :)
Congrats again- we'll have to go out to dinner for you.

kerrie said...

Congratulations! You're an official Zoobie! I don't know why it took BYU so stinken long to figure out you are awesome but I'm sure glad they finally did. I bet the grandparents are sad now that you won't be moving to CA anytime soon.

So are you going to stick it out in that sweet basement apartment? Will you be our record of 6 years downunder? Why hasn't someone in our family purchased that house? With all the rent we have thrown away on those apartments we should own them by now. Anyhoo, I'm so happy for you guys!


Jake said...

CONGRATS!!!!!! Can't so more than this: I'm very proud of you.

Brian Sprague said...

Mr. Scott Man... that is great news!! so glad to hear it's in the plans for you to be at the "Y"... however, I think the final good mojo floating your was when we took Russell back... all that Sprague electricity (and it was an electric night) flowing when we took the remember some of the little people had something to do with it too...all the best to you and your family..

Marc and Stacy said...

Congrats Scott! That is awesome! Way to keep pursuing until you acheived something. This will be a great story to teach Hannah and the rest of the kids about not giving up! :)

Anonymous said...

Yippee kiyay kiyo!! So when does your semester start? Is it winter? Persistance and patience pays off (sometimes :) Well, I guess you guys won't be moving down here any too soon, boohoo. But, when you do come you will both be BYU graduates!!! WTG! Proud of you and love you guys. See you in a couple of weeks. :) MOM

Maran said...

Mom- yes it will be winter semester when he starts. Luckily, he will be getting his associates degree at UVSC this December so he doesn't have to worry about general education at BYU. Kerrie- We will for sure be here for two more years but I don't know if we will stay in this apartment. I'm already tired of the kitchen flooding every time it rains and the girls up stairs are SO loud. It constantly sounds like they are sprinting back and forth throughout their apartment (it's not really their fault, though, that these walls are paper thin).