Saturday, September 22, 2007

Celebrity Crushes!

So the other day Scott and I were talking about celebrities. Awhile ago I told him my first celebrity crush was a guy named Devon Sawa (back when I was like 12 years old I had 3 posters of him) and a few days ago Scott told me that he heard a girl on the radio say that her first celebrity crush was Devon Sawa, too. This got us on the topic of who our top three celebrities are right now. I know it's kind of a silly game since we are married to each other but it was fun to see which celebrities Scott thinks are good looking (plus, neither of us are at all threatened by this because we obviously love each other). I came up with my top three immediately and it took Scott practically the whole day to come up with his. I had to name off girls for him because he couldn't even choose three that he found to be extremely attractive. Here are my top three: Justin Timberlake, Orlando Bloom, and Michael Vartan (a guy on Alias). Yes, these are guys the young girls go crazy for, but hey, I'm still young! I've never really been into the Tom Cruise, Brat Pitt type. Scott chose Jennifer Love-Hewitt, the old Britney Spears (she's pretty weird now), and Christina Aguilera (I've got to be honest, I was surprised at that one). My opinion of celebrity girls is quite a bit different than Scott's. So, who are your top three celebrities (it doesn't have to be just about looks)??? If you read this blog you must answer!!!! I'm just kidding, but it would be fun:) Scroll down for a new video of Hannah!!!


Kate said...

Hey Spragues!!
We LOVED that video of Hannah!! I can't believe how much she's growing and learning!! It blows my mind how smart little babies can be! She is so dang cute!! We totally miss partying with her!

So, as required, since we read your blog, here are our top 3 celebrity crushes:
1. Joaquin Phoenix (surprising to some, but for me it's the packaged deal--not just his looks, but his nice voice, incredible acting, and the fact that he seems like a nice guy)
2. Ewan McGregor (90% of this choice is because of his BEAUTIFUL singing voice in Moulin Rouge...I'm a sucker for a guy who can sing)
3. Paul Newman (the young version...he is SO hot in Cat on a Hot Tin his salad dressings are just delicious!)

Jed's crushes are:
1. Lindsay Lohan (drug addiction, criminal record, and all)
2. Paris Hilton (see above)
3. Selma Hyak (latin flava)

Maran, I was just as surprised at you with what my husband came up with. I can see the Selma Hyak thing, but Lindsay and Paris...TRASHY!!
-Kate and Jed

kerrie said...

Hmmm, this is a hard one for me. I'm not into celebs these days and I like certain people for their skills, not necessarily looks. I will have to say Matt Damon for sure. I've always loved Will Smith too. He was my true high school sweetheart and I'll always have a place in my heart for him. Other than that, I have favorite actors for acting (Tom Hank and Denzel Washington) and singers for singing (Josh Groben). Fun post!

Jennifer said...

Carrot top is pretty hot!
I can't even think of any. I usually like Liam Neesom's characters. He always plays the kind, gentle hearted person (Shindler, Jean Val Jean etc.), but he certainly isn't cute.
I can tell you as a kid, I loved Superman (Christopher Reeves) and the guy who played Gilbert in Anne of Green Gables, once again they are kind and gentle hearted characters. So, maybe it's not the actor I like, but the character.
I think Justin Timberlake is fun to watch, but he is totally normal looking in my opionion. Very talented though. I'll have to ask Thayne who he likes.

Marc and Stacy said...

Marc and I have talked about this, you are not alone. By the way, I totally had Devon Sawa posters on my wall too...My dad used to work in magazine distribution, and he'd bring me home those Bop magazine, and other Teen ones, so I always had those posters...can't forget J.T.T. I hate to admit it, but he was on my wall too...
I know Marc's already off the top of my head, we are the opposite of you. I really had to think about it...Marc probably doesn't. They never change:
~Jennifer Aniston
~Scarlett Johanssen
~Jessica Alba
~Paul Walker (Because he is a dream to look at and...well, that's enough! :)
~Justin Timberlake (His VOICE, his MOVES...and he seems like a very committed boyfriend. He said on Oprah that he sings to his girlfriend!)
~Tie between Ryan Gosling (The Notebook--I mean, his looks are not bad, but after that movie, how can you not adore him? He built her, her dream house!)
and Christian Bale (Newsies, The Prestige...those looks, that accent....been a fan ever since his days sellin' papes on Newsies)