Saturday, May 05, 2007

No More Peas Please!

Well this week we fed Hannah peas for the first time. She hated them with a passion. Unfortunately I was not there to witness her hatred of peas but Scott told me that every time he would give her a bite of peas she would gag, which finally caused her to throw up all the food she had in her little belly. I can't say I blame her though. I think peas are definitely one of my least favorite vegetables. They are disgusting. Sometimes I can eat them if they are stuffed in casseroles or mixed with spaghetti, but plain, they make me want to barf as well. Why are some vegetables so gross plain? I wish that pizza, pasta, hamburgers, etc. were good for you. I always feel bad when I don't have some sort of vegetable with my dinner but I usually have to choke them down when I do. Well, that's not true if they are seasoned or dipped in ranch, cheese, have little marsh mellows on top, etc, etc. The only ones I can eat plain are asparagus, french style green beans, corn and occasionally broccoli and even then it's still hard for me. Scott and I have recently been talking about almost becoming vegetarians (by "almost" I mean we would eat meat maybe just once or twice a week). We pretty much eat meat with every meal now. I know I could not go too long without a nice juicy hamburger or steak so we could not become complete vegetarians. However, if we did try this out, that would mean I would have to eat more vegetables. I sound like a little child saying that I hate vegetables plain but I really think almost everyone does; they just don't say it (you can tell by the way we are constantly adding fat to them to make them taste better). I only hope someday I will learn to love this food that can save my life.


Anonymous said...

I can tolerate vegetables more if they are not cooked to mush. Most taste better raw or cooked just a little. The best way is to throw however many vegetable you can into a salad and cover it with Ranch dressing. Kind of like Fresh Choice. Yes, you get fat but you get lots of veggies too. probably not alot more than if you had a big steak and potatoe w butter. I hope you do better than I. I still find that tomato sauce on my spaghetti or pizza is my favorite kind of veggie. :) MOm

Grandma Julia said...

Tell Hannah that Grandma Julia says it's OK not to like those peas!! Just wait for those delicious fruits will love those mixed with your cereal...Yummy!

Missing you all -

Jake said...
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Jake said...

I could really go for some Betos right about now...there are potatoes in the California burrito. And I'm sure that the hot sauce is made out of some delightful combination of vegetables and laxatives.

Los Hermanos chips and sales---CORN chips dipped in TOMATOES, ONIONS, GARLIC and PEPPERS!!

Also, if you order your In N Out burger animal style, you triple the vegetable content.

The point is, if you look hard enough, you'll realize that you get your veggies in plenty when you choose well (see above). Let's not get too hasty and consider the vegetarian wouldn't go well with Pepsi.


Anonymous said...

Hey Guys,
Lucas and gerber peas do NOT get along. He made this horrible gagging face as soon as the spoon hit his mouth. We bought this great book all about making your own baby purees. Dan makes ones with veggies because Lucas will actually eat them that way. He wont touch any of the green gerber veggies. He will eat the sweet potatos but they have to be mixed with cereal. Good luck and enjoy the many new faces that are about to come your way with introducing new foods. Im sure you will have a blast!

Love, Jess

Jennifer said...

What is it about peas and our family? I agree, plain peas are not my favorite- when I was a kid, I used to spit them in my napkin at dinner and pretend I ate them or swallow them like a pill. Now, I actually like fresh peas from the garden or peas mixed in my other foods. Some other ways I love veggies: fajitas, stir fry, salsa, roasted or grilled w/olive oil, and fresh veggies! Unfortunately, it takes so much time to prepare!