Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Hannah is intensely watching her Baby Einstein. She's really starting to like it.
Nothing too exciting has happened to us this week. Hannah got her first cold, which is kind of sad. I tried so hard to keep her away from the sickness but it caught her anyway. It is sad to see her nose running and hear her having a hard time breathing at night, but luckily she has been OK as far as sleeping goes. She woke up one morning with her eye plastered shut full of goo. I remember that happening to me as a kid and it was not fun. Sometimes I thought I was going blind. Anyway, I will write more another day because little pumpkin is getting fussy and needs a nap.


Kerrie said...

Oh such fond memories...waking up with eyes sealed shut. Of course most of my experiences were from mosquito bites though. I'm sorry Hannah got a cold. Allie and I are suffering from a cold also. We feel for her...and you.

Jennifer said...

I remember wondering how Kaden got his first cold, we were so careful with germs. By the third born, you know it is probably from your first two wiping their noses all over the baby. Hailey still cannot stop "smelling" Ella's head.

Grandma Julia said...

I need to plan a trip soon! Hannah is growing up so fast....she is just so beautiful! Please tell her how much her grandma loves her!