Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Today we took Hannah for her first walk, and she enjoyed it very much. The pictures are of her right before we left and another was during. As soon as we put her in her car seat, she fell right asleep, and slept the whole time. She is doing very well. She goes to the doctor tomorrow for her check up. She also likes to eat, a lot, just ask Maran. She doesn't like to sleep at night though, unless it is in someone's arms. Whenever we put her down, she will wake back up in 15 minutes, until we hold her. Maran usually will just feed her and then let her sleep on the Boppy which makes sleeping for her uncomfortable. Maran is also doing better. She went to the doctor yesterday, and today she woke up with a lot less swelling. She went on the walk with us, which was really good. The doctor also refilled her Percoset, which I think she enjoyed.
Donna also left this morning, and it was such a blessing to have her here. She helped out SO much, with taking Hannah, cleaning, taking care of Maran, way more than we could have asked for. We are sad to see her go. My mom left for Utah this morning, and should be here tonight.
One more thing, in one of the pictures above, you will see Hannah sleeping with the vaccuum next to her. You can't tell, but the vaccuum is turned on. It was a trick that Donna showed us. When she is fussy we will turn on the vaccuum or stand next to the dryer, and it calms her down. We hope you are all doing well, and we appreciate everything.


kerrie said...

White noise always did the trick for Allie too, which is why we used the humidifier in her room for so long. I don't know if Hannah is a very fussy baby but we learned some things from "Happiest Baby on the Block" that helped calm Allie down right away (there is a DVD and book; both at the library). We love the pictures...she is adorable!

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, she is sooo cute.Good work you guys.It looks like she likes that bouncer to sleep in.Sam and Dominic slept in it for the first 3 months!They loved!I agree with Kerrie, "Happiest baby on the block book",really did give good advice.Keep the pics cominig!JIll

Momma Donna said...

Ohh I miss her aleady. I'm so glad Maran's edema is starting to go down. I was really worried about her. Keep the pictures coming because I won't be able to see her now until Dec. Love you guys. So glad I was able to be up there for Hannah's birth. She is a beauty.