Thursday, September 07, 2006

Today Maran went to the doctor again ( I went with her, but I am not important to the story). The doctor told her that everything was looking good, and then we found out that Maran is dilated to..... 1/2 a centimeter. That is normal, so it seems so far that Hannah should come around her due date, which is October 5th. Hannah is also in the position she is supposed to be, so we are grateful for that. Maran will go back to the doctor every week now, so they can check her, which is not that pleasant of an experience for her.
Not much other news. Maran is now done with work, which she has enjoyed her time getting things ready for Hannah. Next time we will have pictures of the bedroom so you can see her crib and how it is set up. I also started school again, which is nice in a weird way. This semester I am only taking online classes, so even though I only go to school to take tests, it is nice to get back into it.
Thats everything for now. We would love to hear from you, so please let us know how you are doing.


Kerrie said...

This last month of pregnancy is going to seem so long. Get lots of rest! A few more weeks and it will be bye-bye to sleep for a long time. We miss you guys!

whodoggy said...

I love online classes! As a fellow UVSC alum, I wish you well as you learn from Orem's finest.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys- We can't wait for Hannah to get here! (I'm sure Maran's ready too.) Miss and love ya- Jen & Fam