Thursday, November 04, 2010


Wow! Do I really have absolutely nothing to do tonight besides watching The Office and fold laundry? It's a miracle! I feel like I've been so busy every night for the past two months. In the month of September my girls were really sick and teething, so just about every other night one of them was waking up after bed time. They are finally back to their normal schedules (although Bailey is still sick, but this time with tummy issues....I'm wondering if she's lactose intolerant but praying that it's just a bug). Anyway, then the month of October I was busy every night preparing for my turn to teach preschool and preparing for Disneyland and preparing for Halloween. Just about every single night I was out shopping, or cutting, or coloring, or sewing something. So here I am with not much to do and updating the blog about Halloween.

We had a great Halloween this year. Hannah wanted to be Belle, her current favorite princess. Bailey and Brynn were both Minnie Mouse. It's fun to dress them the same, but I think next year I'll let them be something different from each other. Scott and I were Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head.

Here in Utah County, when Halloween falls on a Sunday, every one goes trick or treating on Saturday. I'm guessing because they want to keep the Sabbath Day Holy?? I don't really know if trick or treating counts as breaking the Sabbath, but either way I'm fine with doing it on Saturday. It was really cold, though, and we had to quickly go trick or treating when we got a short break in the horrible rain storm. We were only out for about 40 minutes before Hannah decided she was cold and wanted to go home to eat her candy.

Before Halloween, Hannah carved her own pumpkin. She got a little bit of help from Scott, but she carved most of it herself.

Brynn's and Bailey's pumpkins are below....

Since we didn't really celebrate Halloween on Sunday, I thought we should at least have a spooky dinner. We invited Scott's cousin and his wife over to eat with us.

We had brain melon, carrot eye balls, cheese stick fingers, and black witches punch with a deformed looking hand in it.

Best of all, though, we had copy cat J Dawgs hot dogs (a yummy little restaurant here that serves pretty much the best hot dogs I've ever had) with all of this stuff . I was going to do mummy dogs but our oven wasn't working.

And we had dirt cups for dessert....
I hope you all had a great Halloween!