Sunday, June 21, 2009

Liberty Land

I feel like I haven't posted about anything that we've been doing lately, mostly just because I've been posting a lot about the babies. I've been trying to do as much as I can with Hannah these last few weeks because I realize that this is the last time that she will get alone time with Scott and me. It makes me really sad for her but also happy that she will be able to share a lot of these fun times with little sisters. I know that I am going to miss this time that I've had with her as well, because she will probably never get this same amount of attention from me again. So I've been making the most of the time that we've had together. Here are some things that we've done over the last few weeks: gone to a museum, petting zoo, numerous parks and playgrounds, swimming, took her to see the movie "Up," and have had numerous tea parties with chocolate milk and picnics out in our front yard. Yesterday I wanted to do something really fun because Scott had the weekend off of school and homework, so we went to a place called Liberty Land. It's such a fun place for little kids! I became the designated picture taker because I couldn't go on any of the rides, but I had so much fun just watching Hannah have fun with her dad. At this place they have

race cars,

a rock climbing wall,

a high tower ride,

a cute little girl,

an airplane ride,

a train ride,

a froggy ride (Hannah's favorite. She rode it about 8 times) ( P.S. Please blow up this picture of's the funniest thing I've seen in a long time.),

bounce houses and a play place,

bumper boats,

a merry-go-round,

and much more which I didn't get pictures of. Unfortunately their roller coaster was closed for the day, which happens to be the funnest ride there. We've been to this place twice now, and both times there were not many kids there. As you can see from the pictures, Hannah and Scott are the only ones on each ride. It's kind of funny because the worker pretty much followed us around to whatever ride we wanted to go on and let us on. I don't understand why more people don't go to this place; Hannah loved it! I'm afraid it's going to go out of business soon, so I'm glad that we got to go.

Finally, I just have to say Happy Father's Day to my dad and to Scott's dad. You guys are both wonderful fathers and grandpas. We are grateful for you both and love you both very much.

And Happy Father's Day to my husband, who I truly believe to be one of the best fathers out there. Hannah and I love you dearly.


Donna said...

Wow you have one brave little girl there! And, OK, who is that guy with Hannah on the Froggie ride!!!!It looks like an Alien Scott!! I laughed very hard, sorry Scott. That picture is hilarious. What a fun time for the family. Glad you didn't go on any of the rides Maran. :) Love ya

Grandma Julia said...

I want to go! Looks like so much fun! So glad you had such a good time it's me and Hannah! Yipee!

Jen said...

What a cute place (and cute girl)! It makes me sad when things go out of business too. Hopefully, things will pick up for them.

kerrie said...

I've never heard of this place, but it looks like fun. Maybe we'll have to take Allie when we visit Utah again. That picture of Scott cracks me up. I'm still laughing at it. It's so funny how motion can distort pictures. Anyway, you are an awesome momma for taking her to all these fun places.

Marc and Stacy said...

What a fun place! It's a bummer no one goes!!! How are you feeling? Hope you have a fantastic birthday, missy! I love you and am thinking about you! :)

Hollie said...

It sounds like you've been partying it up lately. That's so much fun for you, Scott, and Hannah. We're going to Liberyland tonight for customer appreciation day with a realtor who, funny thing, we never actually gave business to. He's awesome though if you ever need one. I love the picture of Scott. I'm still laughing about it right now.

Becky said...

this looks like a great place!! where is it?