Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Go Archy!

This post is for all of you A.I. fans! I have loved David Archuleta since the moment I heard his voice. He's just so cute, too! Most people that I have talked to want David Cook to win and I have a feeling that he might. I'll admit that I think that David Cook would probably sell more albums because he seems to be more contemporary and isn't quite as goofy as David Archuleta, but David Archuleta has a FLAWLESS voice. I voted once tonight for Archy and tried many more times, but I just got a busy signal. Tomorrow, we'll find out the winner!!


RachelBarker said...

I am such an David Archuleta fan!!!! I hope he wins but I'm a fan of David Cook too !

Jed and Kate said...

I agree with every single word of your post! Only I was never able to get through to vote for him...all 3 lines were busy every time I called.

Cori said...

I think David Cook is really good, but his attitude really irriatates me. And his hair is seriously creepy most of the time. I'll take goofy over cocky any day.

Cori said...
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Jen said...

I like them both. At first I liked David Cook, just because he took some classic songs and changed them. But since he has been singing songs more his style, I don't see anything extra cool about him-- he sounds like all the rest of the rockers, and maybe not even as good as some.
So, I have now switched to Archuleta. His voice stands out way above the rest and he seems so nice and humble. I think either way they will both have a big career in music.
We'll see in 20 minutes- I better get ready we have all of the young women coming over!