Sunday, August 12, 2007


Well here are some 10 month old pictures of Hannah. I can't believe in two months she'll already be 1 year old. It has just gone by way too fast. She finally started crawling and pulling herself up onto things on her 10 month birthday!! She's still trying to master it, though, which could take a week or two. Here are a few things she's learned this month:
1. How to wave hello and goodbye (and she actually knows that "hello" and "goodbye" go with the hand movements).
2. How to roll her hands like she's doing "The wheels on the bus"
3. How to disobey- yesterday she picked up a crumb off the floor and I told her "no" (she knows what that means) and she smiled at me and stuck it right in her mouth.
4. How to roll a ball towards me (she drops it off the tip of her hands).

I know I always say this but she is growing up so fast and it makes me sad. I guess it's time to have another baby-----Just Kidding! It is fun to see her learn new things, though.


Grandma Julia said...

My sweet little Hannah! Grandma Julia is missing you like crazy! Thanks for the smiles, the kisses, the giggles, and especially the pure joy I feel when I am with you. You are such a beautiful baby with a gentle little spirit. You have wonderful parents who do everything they can to make your life good, and there is no question how much they love you. You are a lucky little girl. Don't forget me, and know that I love you so very much.

Hugs and kisses -- Grandma

Jennifer said...

Yay for Hannah! I can't believe she is already 10 months! That first year goes by too fast. We miss you guys already!

Anonymous said...

Hannah, Hannah what a cutie. How funny that she ate the crumb anyway. Little stinker. Now that shes crawling, look out world. She will be in every room in the house. Wish we had more time together while you were here. It went too fast. Love ya Mom

kerrie said...

What a smart girl Hannah is. She IS growing up too fast.

It's so hard to get mad at them at such a young age when they disobey...they are just too dern cute and innocent.

Hollie said...

She's so CUTE!!