Saturday, March 24, 2007

Grandma's in town!

Hannah and Grandma together at last
Grandma thinks Hannah is growing too fast
They play all day
And laugh all night
Whenever they're together they have a blast!

I hope you loved my awesome little poem (and yes I know a first grader could have written it)! I figured I'd better write one since Scott has not.
This week has been fun. Scott and I had a lot of homework and it has been nice having Grandma around to watch Hannah. I know that she loves Hannah to death, and Hannah loves her too (this goes for all her grandparents). Today Julia took me to see Premonition. It's a pretty good movie for those of you who want to see it (although I must admit, I did not care for the end). Hannah this week, however, has done horrible with sleeping at night. She had been getting up between 5 and 10 times every night. At first I thought it was her rice cereal because I noticed she was getting an extreme amount of gas since we've been feeding it to her. I stopped giving it to her a few days ago but it didn't make much of a difference at night. However, her gas has gotten a lot better. I don't know if I should just stop giving it to her or continue to try. Then we thought it was because she was sleeping in her bassinet rather than her crib. Her bassinet is getting too small for her. Last night we tried sleeping her in her crib and told Grandma to sleep in our room (although she really felt horrible about sleeping on our bed and us on an air mattress but it was actually kind of fun because we slept in the front room so Hannah could have her own room). Still, though, Hannah did not have a great night last night. It was better than the previous three, but not great. I have come to the conclusion that we think she might be getting a tooth. Her nose is runny and she keeps pressing her tongue against her bottom gums. We hope that's the case. Otherwise, we don't know why she is having such horrible nights. But anyway, it's been wonderful having Grandma here and we look forward to seeing more of the grandparents soon!


Jennifer said...

Grandma's are the best! That is a cute picture of Julia and Hannah. It seems that babies just go through phases with sleeping and eating. She may just be so excited that grandma is in town.

kerrie said...

That's so great that grandma Julia is there to help. It sounds like Hannah is getting a tooth...but like Jen said, they just go through phases with sleeping. Allie slept through the night for 6 months straight up until a month ago. Now she wakes up every now and then for a drink. Anyway, I hope Hannah gets back on a better schedule for ya. Give her a big kiss for me.

Anonymous said...

Ooh I'm so jealous. I can't wait to be holding that precious baby. I'm glad you guys are having a great week together. I wanted to see Premonition too so don't tell me the ending:) How did your tests go? Love yas Mom

Anonymous said...

Hi Sprague Family,

How's everything going? Hopefully all is well. I'm sorry to hear about Hannah. Hopefully, she'll feel better soon. She just might be getting her 1st tooth, which is exciting after it breaks through the gum.:0)Madison has been waking up at night alot, too! She's doesn't wake up to eat- she's just alittle fussy! Did you get the pictures I sent in the mail? How did testing go? I'm sure you guys did great. Give Hannah our love and hopes she feels better.

Teresa & Madison