Sunday, May 07, 2006

It has been a fun filled weekend for the two of us. On Friday, along with Donna, Kerrie, Hollie, and Allie, we went to find out the gender of our baby. The technician seemed a little ornery, but the good news was that we were told that we are having a girl!! Being spoiled by little Allie and Sienna, a girl was kind of what we both wanted, just because they are so cute. I am hoping by the time they get older, something will be invented to just skip past the high school years, because if she looks anything like her mom, the boys will be all over her.

We have an appointment on the 19th for another ultrasound, where hopefully we can get some more pictures. On Friday the baby was just laying there, but Maran was told to drink some juice before this next appointment to get the baby moving a little bit.

We did have some sad news though. On Saturday night, after enjoying a great day at Jarin's graduation and being with family, the Kings lost for the last time this season. They had a great run, and all I can do now is look forward to next year.


whodoggy said...

Woohoo! Girls are so precious. Congrats! Just a little FYI,your Blog is set up that only people who have a Blogger account can comment. You can change that if you want others to comment too.

Aunt Diane said...

Hi Scotty and Maran!
We are sooo excited for the baby girl and the soon to be parents! This blog spot looks fun, but I have to tell you, you guys need to work on the music likes!!! Altho Dave still rocks. love, Aunt di.